Stop Smoking Product – Choose The Best One To Kick The Habit

There are quite a number of smokers out there who want to give up the habit, but unfortunately they are not doing anything actively about it. When asked the reason, most would tell that they do not know what stop smoking product they must use. You cannot blame them either, for there are virtually thousands of stop smoking products hounding the market today, and it will take great powers of selection to choose which is the best among them.

Now, frankly speaking, no one can really tell you what the best stop smoking product is. There are several factors that will influence how you should tackle your habit. You must take into account how long you have been smoking for, and in what quantity. Then you must also take into account how fast you want the habit to subside. Another point to consider is the general physical and medical condition of your own body. Here we mention a few stop smoking products that are quite popular in the market. They will help you to make a fair selection.

Nicotine Patches – The nicotine patch is a popular stop smoking product that is used as a transdermal patch on the body. This patch contains nicotine, which is slowly taken into the body. Such a nicotine infusion in the body reduces the smoker’s craving for the cigarette, which gradually helps to overcome the addiction. The nicotine patches are given according to the person’s smoking habit. For heavy smokers, a 21 mg patch is used, while 14 mg is for moderate smokers and 7 mg is for mild smokers.

Criticism for nicotine patches is that it does not actually reduce the addiction to nicotine and hence, there is a chance that the person may revert to the cigarette once he or she stops using the patch. However, as long as the person uses the patch, he or she is kept away from the harmful effects of tar on the body system. Generally, the nicotine patches are gradually stepped down until the need for them totally diminishes. It has been found that nicotine patches have had a good success rate in making hardened smokers give up the habit.

Medication – Conventional stop smoking products are generally the antidepressants like Chantix and Zyban. Such antidepressants work at helping the smoker overcome the depression that comes with giving up smoking. But, even doctors would say that antidepressants are not meant for everyone since there are a host of contraindications to be looked into. Also, most stop smoking medications will try to cure the addiction, but will not be able to repair the damage that is already done in the body.

Spiritual Methods – Spiritual methods like yoga are being used widely for smoking cessation. Spiritualism is a slightly unconventional stop smoking product, because it does not directly address the smoking problem, but it intends to improve the overall lifestyle of the person. Yoga is more about an exercise in self-control which enables smokers to develop the willpower to resist the cigarette. The success rate is not quite dramatic. People may give up smoking while they are on the program, but may turn back to the habit once they are back to their routine life.

Herbal Products – Herbal stop smoking products are becoming really popular all over the world as they are increasingly proving their efficiency. Saint John’s Wort, chamomile, lobelia, etc. have been used since centuries in parts of the world, but their use has become almost universal now. Some herbal remedies, like the SmokeRX, are so effective that you are guaranteed to quit smoking in just seven days. Moreover, herbal remedies are very safe to use. They can cause the addiction as well as gradually repair the tissues and organs damaged due to the habit.

The only point against herbal remedies is that they are not yet FDA approved. But there are enough testimonials and satisfied people to keep these stop smoking products running the show.

Nicotine Patches – Only Half the Battle

Nicotine patches may be helpful aids for easing nicotine cravings, but only if the person trying to quit is committed to creating a lifestyle without smoking.

The fact that smoking kills is no news flash. Terrifying Surgeon General’s warnings have been mandatory for years (although in the U.S., where the trend began, the warning labels are some of the smallest in the world.)

In the UK, cigarette boxes bear warnings so large and horrible that they seem almost ludicrous, after a mandate from the E.U. that the warnings cover at least 30% of the box.

* “Smoking clogs the arteries and causes heart attacks and strokes.”
* “Smoking may reduce the blood flow and cause impotence.”
* “Smoking can cause a slow and painful death.”
* “Smoking can damage the sperm and decreases fertility.”
* “Smoking is highly addictive, don’t start.”

With labels this obvious, it should follow that people would stop smoking, shouldn’t it? After all, no one would buy a soda if the label read, “This product contains poison and can cause a slow and painful death. Don’t buy it.” But it doesn’t follow. Not only do people continue to pick up smoking, they don’t stop when they get out of their teen years and realize that they neither look cool nor feel better with a cigarette in their hand. This has nothing to do with the person not “getting it” or not caring or believing that cigarettes are killers. It doesn’t mean they don’t care about their family or children or their personal life span. It has everything to do with nicotine being an addictive substance that still gets people to buy millions of packages of products that state in large letters, “This will almost certainly make your life worse.”

It’s also no news flash that nicotine is highly addictive. It’s the reason the market is flooded with smoking cessation aids like nicotine patches and nicotine gum and nicotine lozenges and nicotine inhalers. People who quit cold turkey are often successful, but most aren’t on the first try. Only 3-5% succeed using will power alone, but for most quitters, will power alone isn’t enough to kick the craving. (This should be a testament to the strength of a nicotine addiction, not a jab at the will power of the human race.)

The symptoms of nicotine withdrawals can include heightened feelings of stress and nervousness, depression, and weight gain. Coupled with strong cravings, we got quitting statistics that put successful quitting at the 7th to 15th attempt. This is why nicotine replacement aids can be so helpful – instead of being hit with all of the effects at once, gradually removing nicotine from one’s system can make the symptoms more bearable and more possible to cope with.

Nicotine replacement therapy on its own is typically not enough to help a smoker to leave the habit behind. The most effective methods of quitting involve some kind of nicotine replacement medication and specialist behavioral support – support groups, therapists, help from friends and family, advice from a physician, motivational interviewing. The best thing a person who is trying to quit can do is to keep trying, and to take each relapse as a learning experience that takes him or her one step closer to breaking the addiction for good.

Yes, You Could Stop Using Tobacco Without Resorting to Nicotine Replacement Therapy!

It begins the moment you light up a cigarette or two when you’re with your best friends. Soon, you’re addicted to cigarette smoking! You may have assumed that tobacco use was awesome back then; however, the fact is that tobacco use is not a cool thing to do. There are a lot of reasons for you to quit smoking, which includes your health, looks, financial constraints and also its growing popularity as a damaging social pastime. You can give up using tobacco by making use of drug-free methods, and if you want to, you can definitely kick the habit without making use of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).

Nicotine replacement therapy is a medical solution which necessitates the utilization of items that contain nicotine. You can buy nicotine inhalers, gum and patches practically everywhere you go, and these items possess different amounts of nicotine, based on your dependence level. All of these remedies are supposed to be used for around twelve weeks.

While NRT provides results for some individuals, it is not for everyone. A lot of tobacco users choose to benefit from natural solutions to give up using tobacco; all of these drug-free products and solutions will dispose of the toxins in your body quicker. Women who are pregnant or people who have heart problems can’t make use of nicotine replacement therapy because it might harm the fetus and may exacerbate the disease.

Many people opt to quit using tobacco by going cold turkey. Along with the sudden absence of nicotine, this approach requires that you don’t use anything at all to help you cope with all the withdrawal discomforts that will undoubtedly come your way. This specific strategy will call for self-discipline, and it’s typically ineffective for folks who can’t endure the itch to light up a cigarette with no assistance.

A couple of the drug-free tactics that are actually effective for some folks who’re aiming to give up smoking are hypnotherapy and aromatherapy. Should you wish to try hypnosis, be sure that you find a hypnotist who is capable of performing the service for you.

An herbal solution that is beneficial in relation to quitting cigarette smoking would be lobelia. This herb, also referred to as wild tobacco, has been utilised for quite a long time to alleviate tobacco cravings. It tricks your system into believing that it’s getting nicotine as well as masks the urges; this is achievable because lobelia’s molecular structure is actually very similar to that of tobacco.

You should remember a number of things after you’ve chosen to give up using tobacco and also picked an approach to attain that particular objective. Multivitamins could restore all the vitamins and minerals that have been taken away from your body by tobacco use. For example, ascorbic acid would help rid your system of toxins with its antioxidant action. You must also drink lots of water when you’re trying to quit smoking without the aid of nicotine replacement therapy because it helps get rid of the toxins and chemicals in your body.

Furthermore, lots of people who’re trying to quit smoking without nicotine replacement therapy discover that they need something to keep them busy; among the most widely known indicators of nicotine withdrawal is nervousness. Chewing on some gum, consuming candies, or even using random objects such as toothpicks can be quite helpful. This may be needed just in the initial stages of nicotine withdrawal; nonetheless, its power should not be disregarded.

The most crucial thing to consider when you’re quitting tobacco use without NRT is that you have to make time to analyze precisely what activates your urges. Simply by determining the scenarios and times of day that provoke tobacco cravings, you can deal with them and reduce the chances of regressing, particularly during tempting moments. Should you fail, you should not give up; look at it as a temporary hurdle in your mission to live a healthier life.

Who Else Wants Help To Quit Smoking? – Check Out These Latest Quit Smoking Products

There are lots of quit smoking products in the marketplace which will help to quit smoking. Despite the fact that neither of which can guarantee 100% achievement, a quit smoking product can greatly relieve the actual cessation process. Below is a short summary of many of the most well-known stop smoking products and their own benefits.

Stop Smoking Pill

There are lots of tablets to help you quit smoking. Zyban is a common stop smoking product that countless ex-smokers find extremely useful. It does not contain nicotine therefore it’s very good if you are not able to make use of nicotine products. Additionally, it provides exactly the same effect as most anti depressants do without being any anti depressant tablet. You should ask your doctor to get a prescription in order to purchase Zyban and you ought to begin to take it two or three weeks before your give up smoking date.

Giving Up Smoking injections

Quit smoking treatments certainly are a popular and highly good way to stop smoking. The treatment is known to provide above a 70-80% chance to give up smoking completely. The treatment will be carried out once. Essentially, it blocks the nicotine receptors inside your brain which is the reason why you’ll not feel any wish to smoke.

Nicotine Gum

Nicotine gums certainly are a popular product by ex-smokers. These types of chewing gums contain nicotine which is introduced inside you while you chew gum. Every time you sense that you want to smoke a cigarette, you can chew on a piece of gum.

Nicotine Patch

Habitrol is actually a name brand for the nicotine patch, an over-the-counter product many people use to assist them to stop smoking. The actual patch releases nicotine directly into the body through the skin, thus smokers will be able to remove their habit without experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Nicotine patches are generally translucent and also invisible beneath your clothes. You can stick it to almost any area of the body – from your neck to your waist. The patch releases small amounts of nicotine – good enough for ones brain to imagine that you are smoking but devoid of the damaging effect of the other cigarette ingredients.


If you prefer an all-natural give up smoking product then you will be lucky since there are lots of natural and organic products and solutions to assist you in the process. You can find organic pills and also drops readily available that work on precisely the same principle as a number of chemical pills. A number of herbal teas help to lower the actual urges – whenever you feel like lighting up any cigarette have a nice mug of tea instead. A good idea would be the herbal cigarettes – they are yet another quit smoking product which will help you to stop your smoking routine. Herbal cigarettes are similar to the nicotine ones with the exception that they do not contain nicotine or tar.

Take into consideration incorporating the actual give up smoking product that you are using with a decent behaviour therapy. This can help you realise and also completely understand why you need to give up smoking. Furthermore, a good behavioural therapist will assist you to arrange your daily life to be able to exclude smoking.

Finally, keep in mind that in spite of the quit smoking products you might be wanting to look at it is best to consult your doctor before hand. He’ll not just suggest to you the best products and solutions but should be able to provide you with help to quit smoking such as follow-up checks as well as re-adjust your stop smoking treatments in accordance the new results.