Sex – I’ve Had It!

Sex was a great idea.

Of course it was…it was GOD’s idea. But just like any other great idea He’s
given mankind (electricity, for example), if it’s misused, its destructive power
can be unleashed.

What makes me mad is how often I hear about lives that are being destroyed
simply because one partner or the other can’t keep their pants on. Friends, I
hear it all the time. I’m sick of it! Whether it’s a husband caught viewing porn or
a woman whose been cheating on her husband with a guy at the office, I’ve
heard it all.

And I’m not gonna take it any more!

Don’t grow calloused to the attack of the enemy in this arena; watch the news and
carefully consider how many of the crimes you hear about had sex at their root.

For example, a boyfriend kills his girlfriend’s baby daughters. Premarital sex might
have gotten the girl pregnant in the first place – maybe both babies are from two
different fathers.

Perhaps a woman kills her husband. She’s been struggling with her attitude toward
men ever since her dad started having sex with her when she was small. You see?
Isn’t satan a master at this stuff? One generation after another is being affected –
even destroyed – because we can’t get a handle on sex.

We are sexual beings. Just take a look at yourself nude in the mirror. We were
designed to reproduce. We are drawn to the opposite sex because there’s an appeal,
much of it sexual. God’s first words to creation were “Be fruitful and multiply.”


Talk about sex? C’mon! we’re Christians and we don’t do that…right?

We’d better start!

I saw a commercial the other day where on kid after another was begging their
parents to talk about sex with them After all, as one boy states, “It’s all over the

I knew a woman whose husband said, when it’s time to discuss sex with his sons,
he would get a Playboy magazine and begin. Sick, isn’t it?

“Friends, we’ve got trouble,” as the Music Man sang.

I apologize if this doesn’t line up with your theology, but that’s tough. What we’re currently
doing about this problem – if anything at all – is simply FAILING.

We can win this battle!

Have you had it with sex – the sick thing that Satan has made of it, that is? It CAN be redeemed.

Every blessing,

Michael Tummillo

A servant of God

Lord Jesus, I thank You for revealing

to me any times when my body has

been used, with or without my

permission, as an instrument of

unrighteousness. (Make a list of any

that come to your mind).

I confess that my body was used as an

instrument of unrighteousness and

I recognize such uses as sin. (Ritual

abuse, sex slave, video taped sex acts,

a victim of rape, sexually abused as a

child, prostitution, premarital sex)

I renounce these acts (adultery,

sexual fantasies, lust, pornography,

coveting the spouses and daughters of

others, sex with prostitutes, etc) and thank

You, Lord Jesus for breaking all soul ties

created through them, and all other

bondages satan has brought into my

life BY them.

I renounce all pre-marital sexual experiences

and break all ungodly soul-ties with others.

I forgive any others with whom I have been

engaged in any sexual experiences

for they knew not the impact of what they

were doing by succumbing to their carnal


I DECLARE those bondages

BROKEN, in Jesus’ Name!

I now present my body to You, Jesus,
as a living sacrifice, holy and blameless,
and I thank You for cleansing
and forgiving me at the cross. I receive
your goodness, your grace, your forgiveness
and your mercy that’s new EVERY

I reject and disown all the sins of
my ancestors. As one who has been
delivered from the power of darkness
and translated into the Kingdom of
Christ Jesus, I cancel all demonic
assignments that has been passed on to
me from my ancestors.

I DECLARE all those curses are now
BROKEN because of the Blood of Jesus
shed at the cross.

I renounce all satanic assignments
directed towards me and I cancel
every curse that Satan and his angels
have put on me.

I reject any and every way in which
Satan or his demons may claim
ownership of me.

I DECLARE that I belong to the
Lord Jesus Christ who purchased me
with His own blood.

I reject all other blood sacrifices
and I announce that I am eternally
and completely signed over to the
Lord Jesus Christ and committed to
do His will from this day forward.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I
renounce every one of the above sins
and any sins like them.

I turn away from them all and will
do them no more and I DECLARE
that they will in no way impact my
family and my descendants.

I renounce any past or
present association with Satan, his
angels or his works.

I renounce all sexual immorality, all
demonic assignments, all occult
practices, satanism, and any master
other than the Lord Jesus Christ.

I renounce any unforgiveness or bitterness
I may hold against anyone, including myself
and against You, my Lord.

I renounce every sin that is against my

Holy God and against His beloved Son,
Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father, I thank You for
completely forgiving me.

I acknowledge that the Lord Jesus took
all my guilt and punishment for me
on the Cross and there is therefore
no condemnation for me. I have been

bought with the blood of Christ.

I thank You Jesus for filling me with
Your Holy Spirit today, for leading me
into all truth and empowering me to live
above sin.

I commit myself to the renewing of my
mind in order to prove that Your
will is good, perfect and acceptable
for me.

I pledge to see myself as a wounded
healer and will share with others that there
is deliverance and healing ONLY through
Jesus Christ.

Thank you for the wonderful gift of sex. I
thank you that my sexual drive will never
again have mastery over me. I serve no
Master but King Jesus!

All this I do in the Name and Authority of

the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.




Beach Sex – Could it Be One of the Most Exciting Ways to Fall Asleep?

So, you’re hanging out on a nude beach, can’t seem to get to sleep and wondering if beach sex would help. Sounds like the opening line to a bad joke. However, the answer to this interesting but implausible riddle would be yes, beach sex would help were you unable to get to sleep while hanging out on a nude beach! Although said in jest, sex is a great remedy for sleeplessness. It would be interesting to know just how many people make their beds on a beach, but if they did and suffered from insomnia a bit of beach sex would put them over the edge into deep restful sleep.

Ok, for the rest of us interested in beach sex, and how it would help us achieve much needed restorative sleep here’s the deal. Sleeplessness most often occurs when the brain is over stimulated, or stressed. This could be physical over stimulation, or mental over stimulation. For instance, if you go for a run just before packing it in for the night, don’t expect to fall asleep very well. Your brain is full of endorphins that are racing around your synapses and telling your brain to stay alert while keeping your body awake. Same goes for visual stimuli like an action movie or thriller, your brain works overtime processing the action it just observed. Sex, or beach sex if you have some sand in your bedroom, allows the brain the sexual release, calming it and your body down to the state most conducive to sleep.

Maybe you do live near a beach and beach sex is possible, well, heck, go for it if you can’t get to sleep at night. It is exciting and if you can pull it off just before bed, you’ll be the better for it. Sleeplessness can be dangerous to your mind and body and can even cause health problems and some diseases. Having beach sex can be the difference between restorative sleep and waking up loaded for bear. Plus, how could you be unhappy waking up knowing you had beach sex last night?

Any kind of sex, beach sex, or whatever, is good for your sleep cycle and can promote a healthy lifestyle. And of course, it’s fun. There definitely aren’t any sleep aids as attractive as sex. And, that beach sex thing just sounds really awesome for a great sleep. Just watch the waves!

The Nude Weatherman

WSLS-TV, an affiliate of NBC, recently fired meteorologist, Jamey Singleton, because a nude photo of the latter was discovered on The photo was posted by a friend and Singleton tried to get it removed when he discovered it was on the internet. Turns out he was too late. The photo had already been sent by e-mail to co-workers.

A spokesman for the station cited “community standards” as a reason for the dismissal.

Whose community standards? I personally don’t know too many people who would be so deeply disturbed by a nude pic of a weatherman, that they would no longer be able to follow his fully dressed report without experiencing deep moral angst.

The guy is a weatherman, not the the President or even a Senator. He makes his living talking about cumulus clouds and tornadoes. How can he be held liable when it was an associate who posted the pic on MySpace. It seems unfair to make him pay for the actions of another party.

The pic was pulled off the net at Jamey’s request, so it only had a tiny window of exposure. Suppose a MySpace surfer miraculously came across this particular photo during the hour or so that it was online. Does exposure to private parts suddenly make Jamey’s reporting less valid? I would have thought the opposite. Weather people are often rather boring. If Jamey has a bod worth posting naked on MySpace, then this is a meteorologist worth watching.

The term “community standards” is vague and amorphous. It is mouthed by people who want to evoke some impression of horrified spinsters and Florida retirees all experiencing deep distress at some silliness the rest couldn’t care less about.

Okay, it’s come out that Jamey had a drug habit in the past, but I’m not going to go there, I want to focus on the nude pic which was after all the declared reason for his dismissal. If the pic showed him having sex with a goat or being flagellated by a nun, fair enough … that might be worth a second thought or two. But the guy was simply nudito. Nothing more incriminating than being caught in his birthday suit; an “ambush pic” taken by a friend when Jamey stepped out of the shower. By the raunchy standards of the real, rather than imaginary, community in which we live, this is weenie stuff.

WSLS-TV richly deserves the overdressed “community” they derive their standards from.