The Ins and Outs of Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Anyone who has ever tried to stop smoking knows how unpleasant that experience can be. Withdrawal symptoms are the main reason why it’s difficult to break this addicting habit. The addiction to cigarettes is not caused by tobacco itself but by a chemical it contains – nicotine. This is what makes quitting smoking extremely difficult.

Going “cold turkey” is one way to curb the deadly smoking habit but it may not work for everyone. Nicotine addicts are less likely to succeed if they stop smoking suddenly. This is the logic behind nicotine replacement therapy or NRT which is designed to help smokers quit.

As its name implies, NRT is meant to replace a smoker’s daily nicotine fix by substituting this with medications that contain lower doses of nicotine. These include nicotine patches, gum, lozenges nasal sprays and the use of non-nicotine medications like Zyban and Chantix. By using these products, a smoker can gradually wean away from his dependence on nicotine and not be bothered by withdrawal symptoms.

NRT helps control nicotine cravings without the 4,000 harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke. Using a pure nicotine substitute is a less harmful way of ingesting nicotine compared to the toxic chemicals you’ll get from an ordinary cigarette.

After using NRT for four to six months, smokers find that they can better control their cravings and are more responsive to nicotine withdrawal. That’s good news for you and your loved ones since you reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease the moment you stop smoking.

Are Filter Cigarettes Better than Regular Cigarettes?

Filtered-tip cigarettes first hit the market in the 1960s shortly after researchers linked smoking and lung cancer. Made from cellulose acetate, the filter supposedly screens out the amount of smoke, tar, nicotine and fine particles that a smoker inhales when burning tobacco.

In theory, filters are designed to reduce the toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke. While these dangerous chemicals are not removed entirely, they are supposedly minimized with the help of a filter which can make smoking less dangerous. Because of this, filtered products are marketed as a “safe” cigarette.

Filter cigarettes that are advertised as “low” or “light” actually have tiny, invisible holes that allow air to mix with the smoke. Thus, the smoker is said to inhale more air and less smoke, thereby reducing the amount of tar and nicotine he takes in. That certainly sounds like a good idea to smokers who want to believe they’re doing something about their health. Unfortunately, the American Lung Association said there is no such thing as a “safe” cigarette.

For all its good intentions, filter-tipped cigarettes can’t stop smokers from getting all the nicotine they need to satisfy their uncontrollable craving for this chemical. In fact, their addiction has helped them find ways to get their daily nicotine fix.

In the case of filtered-tip cigarettes, they do this by inhaling more deeply or by covering the holes with their fingers or lips. This exposes smokers of light cigarettes to equal or even greater amounts of toxic chemicals found in regular cigarettes. In effect, filtered cigarettes are no better than your ordinary cancer-causing cigarette.

Categories of Quit Smoking Products

Every year, millions of people make the resolution to stop smoking dangerous cigarettes. Every day, new smoking related risks are discovered and it is clear that the single best thing one can do to improve health and life expectancy is to quit smoking. These days, there are an abundance of quit smoking products available to those ready to kick the habit. Some are extremely effective and others are little more than cheap gimmicks designed to rob you of your money. For people who truly wish to quit smoking, these products may be the answer.

By far the most common type and arguably the most effective category of quit smoking products are those containing nicotine. Nicotine is the main addictive drug in cigarettes and what makes it so hard for some people to quit. These nicotine based quit smoking products provide the body with a dose of nicotine in a safer manner than smoking. Eventually the dose of nicotine can be gradually reduced until the nicotine is no longer needed.

Nicotine replacement quit smoking products come in several forms. A popular delivery method is chewing gum. As the gum is chewed, nicotine is slowly released. The gum also acts as an oral fixator that replaces the habit of having a cigarette in one’s mouth.

Another effective method that uses nicotine are nicotine patches. The patches are placed on the skin in a concealed location and slowly release nicotine through the skin into the bloodstream. An advantage to this type of product is that no one knows you are using it and you don’t need to think about it during the day. Many people use the patches in conjunction with other methods for effective results.

Another form of stop smoking product is those that work directly on the cigarette themselves. They are filters that gradually reduce the amount of nicotine one inhales while smoking. As dependence for nicotine drops, the need for cigarettes diminishes allowing the smoker to quit.

A stop smoking product that mimics the act of smoking is gaining popularity. It is basically a fake, smokeless cigarette. A person inhales it just like a cigarette, but it only contains flavorings. This replaces the habit of having a cigarette in one’s mouth and used in conjunction with nicotine replacement quit smoking products is extremely effective.

These days, there’s no excuse not to quit smoking. Simply find one of the many quit smoking products that can work for you and begin to enjoy the benefits of a smoke free life.

Natural Herbal Skin Care Products

Skin care products range from both basic moisturizers and face washes to specialized products, which all promise to reduce your wrinkles, remove rid of age spots which give you the glow of youth. These options are including over the counter, specialty shops and prescription products. Specialty natural herbal skin care products can come from brick and mortar stores or a specialty order company.

Nonetheless, one of the main real differences between these products isn’t the price, or the promise or hype that are advertised but it is the contents of these contents. Many of these products are filled with chemicals, some of which you will find hard to pronounce. A lot of these chemicals have been shown to cause illnesses in laboratory animals when using higher amounts that are used in the facial product. The reason for this is that you’ll never use enough of these chemicals in your lifetime to cause a problem.

There is a flaw with this thinking though, many companies nowadays use these chemicals in their formulations and although each product only exposes you to a very small amount, there is the likelihood that you are exposed to the same or similar chemicals in many of the other products that you use.

Herbal natural skin care products are definitely a better choice for your requirements. They often include botanicals which will help you both relax and revitalize your skin. They help restore your skins balance. Organic and herbal natural products are as good for your skin as they are for you.

If you consider your skin, it’s a natural reservoir for chemicals and the best way to introduce products into your body. This method is used constantly by Doctors with the use of skin patch medications for things like Nicotine withdrawal and pain medication. Make up and skin care products that you put on your skin are absorbed into your body. When you use herbal natural skin care products there is the possibility that you the chemicals you were depositing will decrease.

Research has shown that today our bodies contain many more chemicals than they did about 20 years ago. Manufacturers of both organic and herbal products will tell you how you will immediately feel the difference when using these quality organic soaps and skin care. But, the truth is that you might not ‘feel’ the difference if you are comparing high end products with herbal natural products. But there is one difference that you will know and that is that these herbal and organic products are safer than those products which have the potential to cause you harm disease or illness.

Many natural herbal skin care products contain essential oils to create fragrances which are relaxing or stimulating while ‘regular’ products are often filled with chemicals that are designed to ‘smell good’ with the infusion of chemicals and formaldehyde look a likes. It’s only when you use a substance that will continue the scent, will the product continue to smell good on your skin. Everything else if just fragrance, after all clean smells great!

A Look at How Stop Smoking Products Can Be an Effective Quit Smoking Tool

Though there are several different stop smoking products available that help smokers give up smoking, the key to success actually lies in choosing products wisely. This means that it pays to consult rankings and reviews of different products and in addition it also calls for finding out some background information regarding each different product. Also, there is no sense in checking out each product because that would be too time consuming and difficult. It is therefore wise to check only the top five stop smoking products.

To find out which products are the best, it is important to do exhaustive research, especially online and in addition it will also pay to find out what industry experts have to say and it also helps to check sales figures to find out which the best movers are. In addition, it is important to get some answers related to identifying the best stop smoking products.

Typically, people will want to know whether the products are safe to use and also how effective they are. Mostly, the better products will be safe to use provided they are used as directed. In addition, many of the top products are also safe because they contain natural ingredients and are devoid of harmful substances such as hormones and steroids.

It is also important to find out about what side effects users will have to watch out for while using a stop smoking product. Fortunately, the better products have been found to be entirely safe and will not cause any known side effects and this is especially true when using products containing herbs. This is because such products contain only natural ingredients that will not cause and dangerous side effects. In fact, most side effects from a stop smoking product occur on account of nicotine withdrawal symptoms rather than from the ingredients in the product.

It is also important to know whether the better stop smoking products work when used on smokeless tobacco. The good news is that these products will work regardless of how a smoker gets nicotine into their bodies and bloodstreams. In fact, all of the better products will definitely provide effective results regardless of how a person becomes addicted to nicotine.

Most people also wonder whether results obtained from using products to help you stop smoking will provide permanent results. The answer to this is that the products can provide permanent results in some cases while in others they will not be able to do so. However, using such products will definitely ensure that the smoker will find that their cravings for nicotine will be reduced dramatically.

So, how long does a person need to use stop smoking products? The answer is that in most cases, using the products for about forty days will provide suitable results though the exact time taken before the smoker can quit smoking will vary according to various factors. In any case, these products should not be considered a quick fix solution and smokers must therefore allow a certain period of time to elapse after which they will get desirable results.

However, women that are pregnant or nursing must not use stop smoking products though the good news is that the better products all offer guaranteed results.